Our Quality Policy

Our company's Quality Management System has been prepared on the basis of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our company management accepts and confirms that the continuity of the quality management system is extremely important for the company's employees and future development plans. It has been determined that the company's employees are obliged to implement the quality management system.

The senior management of our organization conveys the importance of fulfilling customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements, to all employees and creates the necessary awareness.

Customer requests and requirements determine the basic framework of our company's work. The customer's satisfaction with the final product is kept in the foreground and the processes are processed accordingly.

As Ceysan Plastik, our basic principle is to produce high quality products that fully meet consumer expectations in the sector in which we operate, with the lowest possible cost.

To this end;
  • To meet customer needs in a timely and complete manner,
  • To ensure that the product is produced and maintained in accordance with quality standards,
  • To maximize our quality and potential,
  • To maintain our position in our sector and to always achieve better,
  • To keep the education level of our personnel at the highest level,
  • To ensure continuous improvement at every point by complying with the quality management system conditions,
is our company's Quality Policy.
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